Title 1

Teacher: Rebecca Miller

Assistants:  Pamela Stewart, Madelaine Daly, Nancy Shelton, Donna Herrera, and Krystal Worley.

North Buncombe Elementary is a school-wide Title I school. The Title I program offers additional reading instruction to students, provides staff development, and involves parents using a variety of methods. The instructional focus of the North Buncombe Elementary Title I program is to provide opportunities for all students to meet proficient and advanced levels of performance. These opportunities are provided through whole class and small group instruction.

All reading instruction is from scientifically based research. Schoolwide designation allows all students to receive Title I services including additional instruction, tutoring, additional materials and resources. Our Title I Program, called SMILE, supplements, supports, and enriches the basic reading program.

During school and afterschool tutoring is provided for students who need for these services. Available take home materials for students include Ready Rosie videos, RAZ kids, baggy books, and other educational games. Several family events are planned throughout the year to offer families the opportunity to learn what the state standards are, engage in learning experiences with their child/ren, and gain knowledge of how to help their child/ren at home.

Here are some links to helpful resources for you:

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