Activities Supported by NBES PTO

PTO works together with teachers, staff, and parents to raise necessary money and volunteer support to help the school do its best to teach our children successfully. As school budgets have taken cuts from the state, the PTO tries to bridge the gap between what our school receives and what they truly need.

  • Tale a look at what was funded in past years. These items include:

  • School grounds beautification

  • Sending teachers to conferences

  • Money to school clubs

  • Field Day expenses

  • Grade level classroom supplies

  • Funding teacher breakfast and teacher appreciation functions

  • Purchase of Accelerated Reader tests

  • Money for field trips to help with transportation costs to keep student fee low

  • Playground development fund

  • Sound system for gymnasium

  • Printer cartridges for school printers

  • Teacher individual allotments

  • Educational magazine subscriptions for students