Our Mission

North Buncombe Elementary School

Mission Statement

Growing, Learning, and Succeeding

  • Growing: To foster physical, emotional, and intellectual growth in a safe, nurturing environment. 

  • Learning: To create a climate of instructional excellence that meets individual needs and provides the building blocks for developing life-long learning. 

  • Succeeding: To provide challenging experiences, which build productive, successful citizens. 

Belief Statements

We believe students learn best when:

  • safety is a top priority in an environment free of aggressive and violent behaviors.

  • healthy lifestyle choices are modeled and encouraged.

  • the school climate ensures that every person is respected, heard and valued. 

  • continuous, effective communication among staff, students, parents and the community exists. 

  • actively engaged in a variety of meaningful learning experiences utilizing a variety of methods of instruction to accommodate different learning styles,  multiple intelligences, and diverse cultural backgrounds. 

  • challenged to produce quality work in order to reach their highest academic potential.

  • assessments measure students" on-going progress toward mastery of individual, local, state and federal established goals. 

  • empowered to become problem-solvers and decision-makers in order to be productive, successful citizens.

  • valued as learners with individual physical, social, emotional, intellectual and cultural needs.

  • the school and community promote learning as a life long process with a guiding principle that all students can learn well.

  • staff, students parents and the community work collaboratively to promote the school's mission. 

Buncombe County Schools - What We Believe!

Mission Statement 
The mission of Buncombe County Schools is to collaborate with stakeholders to provide a safe, caring, rigorous and engaging learning environment that prepares all students to be Career and College Ready.

Vision Statement 
Buncombe County Schools' students will reach their full potential and become successful, responsible citizens in a diverse, global society.

Core Beliefs 

   1. We exist to foster the development and well-being of the whole child.

   2. All students can and will learn when instruction is engaging, rigorous and individualized.

   3. Learning environments must be safe and supportive, with equity of opportunities for personal growth.

   4. Understanding and respecting diversity enriches the individual and the community.

   5. Success requires shared responsibility, collaboration and communication among all staff, families, students, and the community.

   6. Resource allocation must reflect our mission, vision and beliefs.

   7. Data-driven, continuous improvement requires accountability, commitment and responsible leadership.