Library Media Services

Library Media Center 

Media Coordinator: Angela Woehl
Information Literacy- the ability to find and use information is the keystone of lifelong learning. Creating a foundation for lifelong learning is at the heart of the school library media program. Just as the school library media center has moved far beyond a room with books to become an active, technology-rich learning environment with an array of information resources, the school library media specialist today focuses on the process of learning rather than dissemination of information. The library media program combines effective learning and teaching strategies with information access skills. Our mission is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information

Online Resources
NC WISE OWL is a Web site that has, as its centerpiece, several subscription databases. InfoTrac, a periodical database product by the Gale Group, is made up of a Kids Edition for elementary students, a Junior Edition for middle schoolers, and both the Student Edition and InfoTrac Gold Reference Edition for the high school and parent community. The Junior Reference Center and Kids InfoBits offer access to reference materials with a simplified format for greater ease of use. Also included in the Gale database collection is the Scribner Writers Series, with information on more than 1600 authors. Grolier Online offers two encyclopedias: The New Book of Knowledge for elementary and middle school students, and Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia for middle and high school students. Additional reference sources available include Lands & Peoples, Popular Science, America the Beautiful, and a collection of searchable eBooks in the Virtual Reference Center.