Snowflake Bentley Webquest


Did you know that Wilson Bentley was a farmer, a scientist, and a photographer?  He took pictures of hundreds of snowflakes each year and put them into a book called Snow Crystals. 


You will use Internet sites to find information about Wilson Bentley and look at some of his snowflake photographs to help you discover how each snowflake is both similar and different. 


You are now ready to begin your quest for information about Wilson Bentley! Print a copy  "Snowflake BentleyWebquest Activities" (scroll to the bottom of this page), or your teacher may provide you with this.  You will search for the answers to the questions using the internet links listed at the top of each section. Write the answer to each question in a complete sentence. Click on each SNOWFLAKE to read information and find the answers to the questions. 


Vermont  History 

1.  Who was Wilson Bentley? 

2.  When did Wilson Bentley live?   

3.  Where did he live? 

4.  What was his nickname? 

5.  Wilson Bentley was the first person to________. 

Snowflake Bentley 

1.  Who was the author of the book Snowflake Bentley? 

2.  What award did this book receive in 1999? 

3.  How would you describe Wilson Bentley? 


Wilson Bentley Snowflakes 

Click on each of the snowflakes. 
1.  What did you notice about the snowflakes?    

Original Camera 

2.  How are our cameras different from the camera Snowflake Bentley used?  

Photographer of Snowflakes 

1.  How did Wilson Bentley describe snowflakes?    

2.  How many snowflakes did Wilson Bentley photograph?    

3.  Why do you think Wilson Bentley took pictures of snowflakes?   

  RAGS TO RICHES :  Go to this Website to test your knowledge about Snowflake Bentley.