News & Notes
The BIGGEST day for the littlest children in elementary school is the 1st day of Kindergarten!  We are very excited about this new school year of learning and growing with your child.  

As we begin our year, we will be working on our fine motor skills by cutting, coloring, gluing, and drawing.  We will focus on learning to write and recognize our names.  We will have fun participating in various activities to learn about colors, ourselves, our families, and apples.  We will learn about our school, our classroom, and our routines. 

In reading, we will learn to write and recognize letters. We will learn to recognize and make the sound for each letter. We will learn how to hold a book, follow the print, and find various parts of the book. In math, we will learn how to count the numbers in order and how to count objects in a group to tell how many objects we have. 

Our classroom is our school family. We work together, we play together, and we learn together. We can't wait to meet our new family!