Virtual Learning

We sent home a new bag filled with activities and lessons for your child to work on during this time.
There are online activities for virtual learning as well as hands-on worksheets for your child.   
If you have questions you can reach me by e-mail at and/or the Remind App.
My office hours are from 9 to 1:00, but I will be checking my email often.

The digital learning platform we are using is Seesaw and is found on your child’s iPad. It looks like a pastel bowtie. I will be pushing activities through Seesaw for your child to complete. Other apps for your child to access are Investigations, Kids A-Z, Epic Books, and Imagine Learning. Please access Seesaw for assignments. Raz Kids provides leveled books for your child once they run out of baggy books. The following could be done in any order.  Make a schedule that works for you!

  • 15 minutes Imagine Learning
  • 30 minutes of Phonics- This includes reading and writing letters, sight words, (possibly 1 worksheet)
  • And 3 letter words (consonant/vowel/consonant- bad, dig, etc../) as well as silent e words
  • 30 minute Reading- Reading leveled books, being read to, discussing the books
  • 30 minutes Writing- Writing and drawing about what was read. 
  • And write stories about things that happen to them in their Fundations Journal and illustrate these
  • 45 minutes Math- Including Calendar, counting to 100, Splash Math and Investigations, 1 math paper
  • 30 minutes of structured play- play do, blocks, creating building, etc

I will be adding assignments to Seesaw daily.