Virtual Learning

My office hours are from 9 to 11, and 1-3, Monday-Friday.  Please feel free to contact me by email at or through the Remind app.
We sent home various papers and activities to use with your child's tablet.  

The following could be done in any order:

  • 15 minutes Imagine Learning
  • 30 minutes of Phonics- This includes reading and writing letters, trick words,
  • And 3 letter (consonant/vowel/consonant- bad, dig, etc../) and silent e words
  • 30 minute Reading- Reading leveled books, being read to, discussing the books
  • (suggested books: baggy books, Kids A to Z, Epic, library books)
  • 30 minutes Writing- Writing and drawing stories or thoughts about what was read. 
  • And writing a good story about something that has happened to them, this may take multiple days.
  • Students should illustrate what they write about.
  • 45 minutes Math- Including Calendar, counting to 100 every day (by 1s and 10s)
  • 30 minutes of structured play- play do, blocks, creating buildings, etc

I will be adding assignments daily on SeeSaw.