Education Links


Would you like to have materials and resources to work with your child at home on comprehension? This site has many resources to help you.



Vocabulary is an important component of literacy.  Please help expand your child's vocabulary by discussing books, tv, movies, and games. This site has lists for each grade level of words your child should know.


If your child enjoys poetry (from funny poems to serious poems) then you will love this site.  Fluency includes reading with expression, appropriate phrasing and sayng the words accurately, not just reading quickly. Let him/her practice reading using these fun, silly or serious poetry.


Early Literacy

A great site to visit for ideas on getting your child ready to enjoy reading and school.


Phonemic Awareness

Learn games and activities to help your child hear and manipulate sounds.  Phonemic Awareness is a prerequisite to learning to read plus it is fun!


Sight Word Recognition

This site allows you to make and download flashcards to help your child learn words. You can make several sets and turn them into games, like matching or go fish!! 


phonics help

This is a site parents can use to download worksheets to help their child with phonics skills.

Practice for Content Areas
This site has activities your child can practice math and reading. Many teachers use this site and your child may already be signed up. If you are not sure, ask your child's teacher. If you want to you can join and create your own account.