Miller, Rebecca-Title I Teacher

Remote Learning Days:  

Office Hours: 1PM-3PM.

Learning Management System: Zoom/Google Classroom/SeeSaw

Contact Information: [email protected]

  I am the reading specialist at NBES! I have my Bachelor of Science in Education in Middle Grades Language Arts and Social Studies, along with a Reading Certification in K-12.  I also have my Master's Degree in Curriculum and Instruction and am National Board Certified.

    I love reading, gardening, and spending time with my family (especially my grandchildren)! I enjoy sharing my love of learning and want all students to be successful. Learning should be fun and interesting. 
    I am so excited to work with your children and I know as a team we can help them be the best readers they can be!!
Welcome to The Title I Program
Rebecca Miller, Title I Teacher, National Board Certified, MSEd.
[email protected]
Title I assistants:   Pamela Stewart, Emily McCullough, Donna Herrera, Julie Cracium, Madelaine Daly, and Nancy Shelton.

Reading is one of the most important things your child will learn to do.  All other curriculum areas (science, social studies, math, etc.) require students to be able to read and comprehend.  Reading also provides hours of entertainment and "escape" from our daily lives.  Only in books can one venture to foreign places, live vicariously through the lives of others, experience adventure and danger while remaining safe.  Even if one never learns to enjoy reading for pleasure, think about the amount of reading required in everyday life: newspapers, grocery stores, license exams, job applications, and the internet. It is my philosophy that as a team we can help every child be successful at reading.  Join our team at NBES and help your child be successful. Read every day whether for fun or for information. Remember actions speak louder than words, when children see the adults in their lives reading they realize how important it is. I am looking forward to an amazing year working with your children. Please feel free to contact me for ideas or suggestions on how to make our Title I Reading program better.

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