McBride,Ann-Marie-Sch.Social Worker

School Social Worker
Ann-Marie McBride, MSW


School social work is a specialized area of practice within the broad field of social work.  In North Carolina, school social workers are licensed through the Department of Public Instruction. School social work practice includes home visits, assessment, group and individual counseling, program development, conflict resolution, crisis intervention, consultation and coordination of school and community services.

For more information about School Social Work, please visit the North Carolina School Social Workers'Association website at or the School Social Work of America Association at

Need a Helping Hand?
Everyone needs a helping hand in one way or another at some
time. There are several resources that I frequently refer
families to when needs arise. I have listed a few of these below,
but there are many more services available that are not listed
here. (See 211 information at the bottom)
ABCCM 259-5300
ABCCM Medical Clinic  259-5339
American Red Cross  258-3888
Asheville Housing Authority  251-5054
Buncombe County DSS  250-5500
Buncombe County Health Dept. 250-5000
Eblen Charities   255-3066
Goodwill Career Center  298-9023
Helpmate (dom. viol. hotline 254-0516
Juvenile Justice   225-7330
Mobile Crisis   1-888-573-1006
Motherlove    254-7206 ext 116
Mountain Area Job Link 250-4761
Mountain Mobility   258-0186
On Track Financial Services 255-5166
Pisgah Legal Services  253-0406
Salvation Army   253-4723
Swannanoa Valley Christian Min. 669-9404
Valley Child Development Center 686-7800
WNC Community Health Services 285-0622
Western Carolina Rescue Min. 254-0471
You can also dial 211 for a free community referral service. It is
available 24 hours a day and it can be accessed by computer at: