Links for Students

Visit any of the sites we use at school by going to Mrs. Gibson's symbaloo page (Gibson 403 Symbaloo) or use the links below for learning and fun.

Complete your assignments or work on your 4th grade mission at Khan Academy. Khan Academy

Practice math skills while competing against each other at Math Prodigy.

Watch this video to review the Big 7 strategy for dividing large numbers.
Play incredibly fun reading and math games like multiplication pac-man at
Here are some other sites you can visit to practice your facts.
Play games at

Take quizzes or print flashcards at

Do you need extra help on a specific math topic? 
Go to

Do fun lessons at

Create your own graphs at
Need to know what a math word means?  Check out

Practice reading skills (literature and informational) on your specific reading level at Moby Max. Moby Max

Learn more about some of your favorite series.
The Sisters Grimm-
A Series of Unfortunate Events-
Hank Zipzer-

Need a good book?  Check out these book lists designed especially for 4th graders.
4th Grade Boys Book List
4th Grade Girls Book List

Need help determining the genre of the book you are reading?
Genre List


Spin the wheels for creative writing prompts at

Practice your grammar and writing skills with these fun activities and games.

Get tips for keeping a diary and type your own diary entries.

Create your own comics at

Social Studies
Read about different jobs people had during Colonial times.
Dress people up in clothes from colonial times like we did in class.
Read about and look at photographs of different places around the world.

Learn more about geography with these games and activities.

Visit the NC Museum of History Fun Zone.
Learn more about an animal's habitat at
Find out about the different threats to habitats around the world at
Watch the short video about Changes in the Environment.
Want to learn more about animals?  Check out National Geographic Kids.
National Geographic Kids

Play animal games and even create your own unique animal at Switcheroo Zoo.

Read journal entries and look at photographs taken by real explorers.

Play lots of different Science games.

Check out some Science and Social Studies activities from the American Museum of Natural History.

Make sure you are eating a balanced diet with a poster of the food pyramid.

Download the MyPyramid Blast Off Game to test your knowledge of exercise and nutrition.  (Ask your parents before downloading anything!)