Forero, Sandra-Dual Language Kindergarten

Hello My Name Is...

Sandra Forero
I’m Sandra Yamile Forero Ramirez. I was born on October 26th in Bogota, Colombia. I love Elmo and I love to read. I live with Jonnatan, my husband; and Mathias, my 4 years old son. We love sharing time playing and traveling together. I just can say about me that teaching is my passion. It was what I imagined to be since I was seven years old and I can’t imagine my life without those sprinkles that children and teaching spread in my life. I studied at Universidad Pedagogica Nacional and got a Bachelors in Basic Education with Emphasis in English and Spanish. Now, I’m pursing a Masters in teaching English and Spanish as foreign languages. I have been teaching from kindergarten to first grade for 10 years, eight of them in bilingual schools. I’m so glad to be here, enjoying this amazing cultural exchange, sharing with you and being part of North Buncombe Elementary school. I really feel your love and I hope this year will be full of amazing experiences for all of us!