Virtual Days

Dear Families,
Here are some daily ideas for scheduling your child's learning over the next several weeks. This is just a suggested guideline. Do what works for you!  Pace yourselves! 
*15 minutes (or more if they want!) of Imagine Learning (You child's log in card is still attached to the iPad.)
*Read books on epic! and Kids A-Z. Some days I will assign books. Some books are read to your child. The easier levels can act as baggy books for your child to read independently. 
*I will assign math activities using the Investigations app. These can be played on the iPad.
*I will also be asking you to download several apps from the catalog found on the iPad (Blue square  with white square and arrow). I will give you the registration info when needed.
*I will assign a variety of language arts activities through the Seesaw app.
* I will assign worksheets that I sent home in the take-home packet.
*Daily writing! Your child can use the "My Fundations Journal" for writing. S/he can draw a picture in the picture box and write a story. Please allow them to do their own writing and then read it back to you!

I will update this as needed, so please check back!

Mrs. Duncan's Office Hours:
 9-11 am & 1-3 pm 
Learning Management System: Seesaw
Contact Info: [email protected] Hours 9-11 am & 1-3 pm
Learning Management System: Seesaw
Contact Info: [email protected]