Ingles Tools 4 Schools

2018-2019      adv


  • Remember to re-link Advantage cards to North Buncombe in August and September to start earning dollars for the 2018 - 2019 program year.   
  • At the beginning of the 201-2019 school year look for the Ingles Tools for Schools Advantage Card Link Sheet  to come home in your child's folder.  
  •  Write down all the Ingles Advantage Card #s from family and friends. NBES will automatically link the cards to our school!  
  • Our class will also receive extra incentives for returning collected Advantage Card Numbers!!   

Frequently Asked Questions.....
What Is The Tools For Schools Program?
How Do Customers Sign Up?
How Can My School Earn More?
How Do I Link My Ingles Advantage™ Card to My School?
How Do Customers Find Out What The School Earned?

Click on the Advantage Card below for answers to these and other great questions!!