States of Matter Webqeust

Check out the following websites. Be sure to read all the information they share. Be sure you can answer these questions and write down the answers on the sheet provided.

Facts About States of Matter
ABCYA States of Matter
Cool Kid Facts States of Matter
Science for Kids
Study Jam
Bite Sizes Solids, Liquids, and Gases
Particles Up Close
Change It
Matter Game


  • Give two examples of each of these states of matter.

  • What is the most common reason for matter changing its state?

  • What causes a solid to change to a liquid?

  • What point has water reached when it turns from a liquid to a solid?

  • What occurs when liquid changes into a gas?

Once your know everything there is to know about the State of Matter, you are going to create a brochure share what you've learned about matter.

You can save images through Google Safe Search. You will get help doing this later on.