WELCOME to our AIG Program Highlights!

I am Stephanie Knox and I am your AIG Specialist. Here is my schedule:

Mondays - North Buncombe Elementary

Tuesdays - Buncombe County Central Office

Wednesdays - Buncombe County Central Office

Thursdays - North Buncombe Elementary

Fridays - North Buncombe Elementary

I am always available through email - and you can try to call me at my schools on the assigned days.

Who in the world is Stephanie Knox? I am a teacher with a love of learning! I live in Weaverville with my husband, 2 children. I enjoy walking, shopping, and eating! I have a special passion for finding a cure for breast cancer and work towards that cause whenever I can.

Here is a little information on AIG programs here in Buncombe County.

Nurturing Program K-2:

Our AIG Specialists offer academic enrichment to K-2 students who demonstrate a need for this service. The program is called PROBLEM SOLVERS. This is not formal identification for the AIG program. Instead it provides enrichment for primary students whose needs vary from year to year. These groups are flexible and vary due to student needs. We work to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills - all while having a lot of fun!

AIG in 3-4

In 3rd and 4th grades, students are CLUSTER GROUPED (goal of no fewer than five identified AIG students with a teacher who is endorsed in working with gifted students) in a heterogeneous classroom. They attend a weekly enrichment class, taught by the AIG Specialist for 45 minutes to one hour. The classroom teacher also provides an appropriately differentiated curriculum to meet the needs of AIG students.


4th GRADE:

· Our World, Our Future - Concept unit based on the ENVIRONMENT

· Caesar's English (advanced vocabulary from classic books and Latin stems)

· Advanced mathematical thinking - Hands on Equations

· Technology activities

· Introduction to DeBono's Six Thinking Hats

· Research focusing on evaluating resources

· Thinking skills and problem solving

· Gifted Awareness

3rd GRADE:

· People Making a Difference - a concept unit based on HEROES

· Introduction to Caesar's English

· Algebraic Thinking - First Experiences

· Technology activities

· Research activities - fact finding

· Thinking skills and problem solving

· Gifted Awareness

For more information about Buncombe County's AIG Program, please go to:  and select -->Academics --> Special Services --> AIG or click here to go directly to the site.