Science Websites


Science Websites for K-4 Students


Science Kids

Choose from 30 science topics covering everything from plants to space.

Find science games, experiments, facts, projects, videos, quizzes, lessons and images related to the topic of your choice.


Science Bob

If you are looking for a science adventure, then a visit to Science Bob's mobile lab is just what you need. The lab has a weather station, the body zone and plenty of ideas for science fair projects. You can even read the answers to science questions sent in from other students from around the world. If you need a recipe for homemade slime or want to learn how to bend water with electricity, the instructions are listed in the experiment section. Science Bob has also included a list of other fun web sites to help you continue your adventure.


Park Physics

Explores how the laws of physics play a role in the design of amusement park rides. Design a roller coaster, determine the outcome of bumper car collisions and more.


Bill Nye

Learn about Bill Nye the Science Guy and his show, choose from 40 'Home Demos' you can try, watch video clips, and more.


Infrared Zoo

The Infrared Zoo shows what animals look like in a whole different light. See what birds, reptiles, and mammals look like in the infrared, and learn how animals use fur, blubber, and feathers to insulate themselves.


Inner Body

Take a tour of the human body. This site offers a fun, interactive way to learn about skeletal, digestive, muscular, and other body systems.


PBS Kids

Explore this virtual kitchen and perform online experiments to solve a puzzle and get a reward. To see The Virtual Kitchen.