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As you probably already know, 4th graders take a day trip to Raleigh each year.  It typically costs around $80.  This is a fun and educational trip that students will never forget!  More information will be given to you by your child’s 4thgrade teacher in the fall.
Attendance is very important to the success of your child. The ultimate goal is to be at school 180 days. We know that is not always possible and if your child is sick please keep them home. Missing school results in missing instruction that cannot be regained, therefore only miss if you are truly sick or have doctor’s appointments. Equally important is that you send an email or write a note about their absence.
Three unexcused absences result in a letter from Mrs. McBride our school social worker.
It is also important to be on-time to school each day. Our day starts at 7:35 with morning work that will be completed each day. Don’t forget that 5 tardies will equal 1 absence.
Dismissal bus
School will dismiss each day at 2:25. If for any reason, your child goes home differently from the usual way, they should have a written note with a phone number to confirm each time. The following information should be on the note:( Date, full name, bus number, address where they will get off the bus or car if they will be a car rider, and parent signature and phone number).
This is required by the office. If you forget to give them a note then you will be required to call the office and give them the information on that particular day. They may NOT come to me at 2:15 and say I don’t know how I am going home. At that time they will go their normal (routine) way.

Early Dismissal
During the winter months when we have weather that will dismiss school early, we will ask that you fill out a form that will let us know in advance how your child is to go home. This is the information that we will use unless we have a written note from you or you call the office. The children will not be allowed to call.
Water Bottles
My students will be allowed to have a water bottle on their desk. They may only have water. No soda or juice are allowed. For health reasons each week they will be asked to take them home and wash them or bring a new one each week. If having one on their desk become a problem they will be asked to put it in their cubbies. Those that are left on Friday afternoon will be recycled, those that are of better quality will be emptied and given to the student on Monday to take home and wash.
Every student has the opportunity to have breakfast each morning at school.  I allow students to bring a snack to school daily if they would like.  They can eat the snack when they feel they need it during the day and will have a working snack. 
Medications taken at school must come through the office. They will need parent permission and also a doctor’s note. The forms are in the office. Stop by early to get your child’s medication started on time. We will also not be able to administer over the counter medications without the same paper work.
In fourth grade we have a very rigorous schedule. Everyone is expected to complete their work on time and also have their homework each day it is assigned. I will ask that you sign their planner each night. Our desire is that your child grow academically throughout the year and be as successful as possible.


Homework / Planner / Newsletter
Being a parent myself, I know how hard it is to get homework completed each night. Knowing this, I also know that homework has some benefits for life long skills. It will teach time management especially if your child has after-school or evening activities. Related to time management is responsibility and keeping up with your assignments to be the best student you can be. With that being said, I try to keep homework to a minimum as long as we work hard in class.
We will read each night for 20 minutes and have a reading response spiral notebook. There will also be a vocabulary and math problems weekly. Sometimes I give students time to start homework in class just in case they have a question about the math or vocabulary.
Homework should NOT take more than ONE HOUR. If it does  STOP and please let me know.
If you child has difficulty with a problem or an assignment please don't spend too much time on it; just let me know with an email or note. 
Most homework is review and should be completed by your child rather quickly.
If they choose to waste their time it probably will take longer. It is very important that you set aside a specific time to complete homework. This creates success and responsible behavior for your child.
Your child will also have a planner that they will write homework assignments in each day. THIS IS THEIR RESPONSIBILITY.  Please sign the planner each night indicating that you have seen it and your child's homework. Each morning I will check the planner.
We will check this the first few weeks of school.
You can also write me notes in the planner and I may write you a note in the planner. Please have your child bring it to me if you have written me a specific note that I need to address. 
Each week you will receive a weekly newsletter. It will contain important events and information for that week. On the backside will be a calendar that lists the events and assignments. We will have an on-going yearly project to complete.
We do a North Carolina ABC Page each week for the alphabet. I will send more information later.
Completed assignments that have been graded will be shared with you. These will come home about every two weeks with a sheet for you to sign and return. There is also a comment box and you can write me a note if you have questions. Please leave the work in the notebook until there is a note indicating that the work can be taken out. These are great for conferences and showing academic growth. 
In fourth grade our students are very experienced with basic rules of the school. Our expectations are very high and hopefully behavior will not be an issue with your child. We will be using an Economic System in our class for behavior.  Students will be given deposits for positive behavior and withdrawals for negative behavior. They will be able to earn money to buy rewards (ex. sit at teacher desk for the day, lunch in the room, lunch with a friend, rent chair pads, etc.)  They will also be renting items such as their desks with their money.  This system will not only enforce good behavior, but students will be learning about money and the importance of saving and using their money wisely.  It is my pleasure to acknowledge positive behavior with positive comments. 
It is very important that we work together for a successful year both academically and socially. 
Being polite and mannerly is also expected. We will be using the phrases such as 
"Thank you... Please...Yes M'am...No M'am " 
We are always in need of volunteers. During the first few weeks of school it is better for me if you don't start until September, by that time we have established our routine and things will run much smoother. You will also need to fill out a background sheet from the office.
Areas to volunteer in the classroom: 
  • classroom parties (2 per year)
  • sending in items for the parties or reward  
  • You are always welcome in our classroom, please make sure you go by the office and sign in each time you come to volunteer.
  Schedule is still TBA
   Our special classes are listed below:
I hope this will help explain more about our classroom this year. If you have questions please don't hesitate to call or email. I am looking forward to a great year with many successes throughout the year!
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