Career Research


Second Grade Career Research

November 9, 2015


     Your child will be responsible for picking one career to research over the next few weeks. We will be using websites to explore different career choices.


                After researching at school your child will come home with a job they have selected.

         It is important that once your child picks a career to research that they stick with it. We will be researching at school and home. I would hate for them to lose valuable time that they have spent at school. They may decide they do not want to be the career but they do need to complete the project that they start.

       Students will be researching at school using the Internet and we will try to find a book for them to do some researching at home with. They have a sheet that lists everything they need to find out about their career.

         After completing research your child will complete a shoebox diorama showing their workplace. For example a dentist would create their box to look like a dental office and a teacher would create a classroom. Shoeboxes are due Monday November 23. On Career Day 11/24 they can dress up like the career they have been researching to present their show box diorama.


 Career Research Websites:


Career Research


Shoebox Due Monday 11/23

Dress Up Tuesday 11/24


The Career I would like to learn more about is ______________________________________


What do you do?



Where do you work?



What do you wear to work?



What education does your job require (how long)?



Average Salary



Other Information